Inside the Hermes Replica Birkin Bag That Sold For Record $298

It has only been ten months since an Hermes fuchsia Birkin bag was sold at Christie’s replica handbag auction in Hong Kong for record-setting $221. But earlier this month, an extremely rare 35cm Hermes braise shiny porosus crocodile Birkin bag with 18-karat white gold and diamond hardware became the most expensive resold Birkin bag at $298.


Aside from being one of the rare few replica handbags that has ever been produced in the world, what makes this particular Birkin bag so special is how it represents the pinnacle of luxury replica handbag craftsmanship, according to Dirk DeSouza, Spokesperson of Prive Porter. Featuring the “finest crocodile skin treated with the most decadent, deepest red color imaginable, it takes a craftsman (with at least two years of apprenticeship experience at replica Hermes) about 50 hours to singlehandedly assemble this bag, perhaps even more when considering the diamond inlays and gold hardware,” he said. As for the condition, this $298-handbag which Prive Porter acquired in 2015 was unused, in “store fresh” condition and in its original packaging.


But beyond all the labor, material cost and exclusivity, another factor that could explain this hefty price tag may boil down to preference, according to DeSouza. “Marked by the fact that one could only buy a Birkin after developing a long, verified financial relationship with the brand, showing loyalty through spending roughly around $100 or $200, some of the notable challenges of landing a replica Birkin bag include the multi-year long waiting list and stringent quota that only allocates even Saudi princesses only two Hermes Birkin bags per year,” he said. And “with stores being allocated only a very small number of replica designer handbags discreetly held in the back,” DeSouza continued, “odds are slim for customers to get a particular color, material, and size upon first try.” Hence, this may be why the anonymous buyer was willing to splurge much more for the exact bag he or she coveted.


Unlike previous record-breaking sales, this particular bag was not auctioned off at Christie’s ($221 in 2015) or Heritage Auctions ($203 in 2011). It was sold by Prive Porter—the world’s largest curator of unused fake Hermes Birkin bags which exclusively posts their inventory on Instagram. Typically, most buyers would review the inventory, request for additional photos, details, and verification of original documentation before making the purchase with Prive Porter. But the anonymous buyer of this $298-handbag actually first took note of the luxury replica bag in the press coverage of the World’s First Pop-Up Yacht that contained $200 in Birkin bags during the 56th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in November 2015.


While this deviation from previous record-breaking auctions by no means indicate a shift in the way people shop for luxury goods, it does highlight how shoppers are more readily able to access coveted luxury replica handbags items beyond notable auction houses and vintage stores. Nevertheless, Milton Pedraza, Founder and CEO of the Luxury Institute believes the increasingly fierce market would still have room for auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, as consumers could generally trust them more for authenticity. Ultimately, Pedraza noted, “So long as you could trust the seller, ensure that the transferal of funds is safe and sound, and verify the product’s authenticity, it almost doesn’t matter whether you first gain knowledge of the product from an auction, a boat show, Instagram or Snapchat.”


Replica Handbags Uk: do-it-yourself decoration

Valextra offers plain or fancy while Desa keeps it descriptively simple

I remember the first “accessory” that dingle-dangled off my bag. It was a leather flower-shaped accessory from Prada – over a decade ago – and I clipped it on to the handle of my purple ostrich bag, where it remains today.

That modest decoration was followed by slew of hardware, from Dior’s metallics to chunks, chains and eye-catching creatures from almost any known brand. When Celine’s minimalism took over high fashion, bag trinkets went quiet – until Fendi invented “Karlito” in 2016.

Little Karl in the finest fur was such a hit that it started a fashion for fur trimmings. Fendi is still far ahead of the game, but on the most obscure market stall you can now find furry bits to clip on to a purse.

Valextra: Magnetic attraction

But Valextra is about to launch the next thing in cool replica handbags: do-it-yourself decoration with magnetic buttons that you could change every time you pick up your purse.

Behind the concept is Martino Gamper, a London-based Italian arts and crafts interior designer. He has taken the streamlined Valextra bags, their plain surfaces broken only by a simple geometric line, and created buttons of different sizes and patterns with mini circles as decoration.

There is something hypnotic – but above all fun – in taking the resin “buttons” and moving them around the hermes replica bag to make a simple statement or a complex pattern. If you feel like a decoration-free day? You simply don’t use the buttons, because they leave the blank leather surface untouched.

So how do they stay on? Ah! The magnetic effect is the secret. And that is also why you’re unlikely to see instant copies of the Valextra invention on your local market stall.

Desa: Making the most of minimalism

Apparent simplicity is Desa’s strength. So is the Turkish brand’s understanding of a woman’s need for a large and light bag; and her desire for something stylish and colourful.

The Nineteenseventytwo range, named for the year Desa was founded by the Celet family, has its own tannery to create exceptional treatments for leather. With stores across Europe and now in Asia and America, Desa is making its mark in the replica handbag world with leather as sleek as silk. But in spite of this minimalist elegance, there is also a sporty feeling with horsey straps and saddle stitching.

For spring/summer, the belt bag in nappa leather is designed to be soft against the body, while tote bags are similarly malleable.

For the autumn season, colour came to the fore on those smooth or soft surfaces: rust, burnt orange, bronze or wine red. Or alternately, there are neutral shades of beige that make their effect with tactile suede or bobbly ostrich. Other cuddly extras are trims of lamb skin and fur.

The plain-with-a-twist Nineteenseventytwo bags, with metallic buckles or lozenges as their only decoration, have a 21st-century style.

UK Chloe Faye: 2016 is the year of her!

If say, Chloe bag Faye will probably say that. And this is totally unwarranted, because this is the dish accessories dominate the street fashion style during the past!

The concept of “IT Bag” were familiar with her fashion fool, especially replica handbags. To be called “IT Bag”, which is a high-end design, featuring a brand, more people aspire, can be easily realized immediately and become a fashion icon . Even with excessively high prices, women are still willing to line up to buy endless “IT Bag” and wait for orders. Most recently, with the positive trendsetters of the stars and the fashionista, replica bags Faye newly launched brand replica Chloe are increasingly closer to the throne “IT Bag” of 2016.



The origins for its replica designer handbags Chloe always start from alphabet Alphabet. After Abby, Baylee, Clare and Drew; Spring-Summer 2016, creative director Clare Waight Keller, Chloe continues to introduce sample bags beginning with the letter F: Faye. As soon as a new “birth” Faye Chloe replica bag is one of the “rookie” in the Spring / Summer 2016 but has shown strength “all-kill” (beat fast, compact conquered) by setting unique design.



Faye Chloe design classic and never out of fashion. Round lock on the lid pocket being connected with a silver chain. Although simple in shape but with the bag has two separate compartments, a small compartment with zip inside and the base is designed to gradually so you can contain multiple items inside. So it seemed slender but replica Chloe Faye put up a lot of stuff back. Faye Chloe appeal also lies in the combination of colors and rich materials such as velvet, suede, python or calfskin leather crocodile pattern stamping.

Faye valuable pocket acceptable prices, from USD 750 (over 16 million) for a mini-sized version to 2.590USD (about 57 million) for the mid-size design. So this bag is the fashion blogger reputation as Aimee Song, Chiara Ferragni … as well as stars like Suki Waterhouse, Chrissy Teigen, Liu Wen favored.



The most popular fashion bloggers in the world – very popular Ferragni Chiara Faye Chloe replica bag. She owns many of the Chloe Faye with color, size and diverse material combinations.